The Latest Detection Systems

Orient Technology Inc. is characterized by multi-detection devices and systems that meet the needs and requirements of its customers and equip them to reach their goals by scientific methods of thought and this is what sets us apart

Voice System

These devices rely on the voices and different tones to determine the goals and these devices are considered the most spread among researchers

Imaging System

It is devices that rely on pictures and triple-dimensional video to illustrate the results and these devices is characterized by ease of use and accuracy

Pulsed induction System

This is the hardware of the best and most accurate devices in the search and easiest on the ground and rely on electromagnetic waves and working as radar

Long Range system

Devices are used by most professional explorers in order to determine the places where there are goals and is intended to narrow the search area  

Ore Gold System

Is a set of devices that focus on the discovery of gold nuggets in the ground and are ultra-sensitive to metal gold and if the presence of small quantities

Groundwater System

These devices are used to detect the places that contain groundwater and the amount of depth and abundance of these water

Latest Products

Orient Technology Group offers you the latest Gold detectors and the most sophisticated and accurate to enable our customers to keep abreast of the latest scientific developments in the field of gold and gold ore and metal detectors revealed

Mega Scan Pro

It is used for gold ore, gold, minerals and....

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Mega Gold

Globally latest technology in the field gold ....

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Mega G3

It is used for treasures and mineralst....

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Cobra L R L

The most powerful German Technology and....

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Fors Gold

Highly sensitive to small pieces of gold ore....

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Rover C2

used to find hidden rooms, graves, tombs....

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Rover Uc

Rover UC is a new generation of detectors....

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Do you want to detect the real  treasures....

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