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2 Fresh Result

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2 Fresh Result
Fresh Result 2  a new water finder device introduced by our Orient Technology Group in 2017
Fresh Result 2 water finder device comes with geological system and long-range sensor system the first of its kind in the world to detect water and deposits under the ground.
This device is suitable for farmers, the investors in agricultural lands and any company or individual who search for water wells underground.   
The device can detect water sources up to 1200 m depth and the user can know the type of water whether it is salty water or fresh or normal as he can select its type before searching.
- Scan Range :up to  2000 meter (adjustable)
- Depth Range : up to 1200 m 
- 2 Systems for search :
 1 - Long Range System : to detect water deposits from far distances 
 2 - The geophysical system : Scan all layers of the ground to a depth of 120 meters and show the results it find on the LCD screen (water density - type of water )
- Automatic Ground Balancing System 
- Touch screen to show full search data
- The device user interface works in four languages : German –English - French – Arabic 
- Works in all different terrains
- Possibility of identifying the target depth under the Underground
- Small in size 
-  Full weight of the device with accessories only (4 kg) .
- Easy to use 
- certificate of origin and warranty for two years from the date of purchase
- Safety Box contains Long Range System components
- Safety Box contains Geophysical System components
- Safety Box contains other accessories
- Main Unit
- Charger
- Probes
- 3 Antennas
- Sensor`s Cable
- Unit Holder
- Signal Enhancer
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