Orient Technology Group present to its dear customer our new exclusive device in 2018 :
3D Ground Navigator from OKM
the device contains latest German technology in 3D ground scanners and metal detectors field..
3D Ground Navigator act as 3D ground scanner of soil layers by using Telescopic Super Sensor and the data saved for later analysis on computer via 3D Visualizer software or you can display scanned data directly on PC . the data represented as 3D graphics from it ,the prospector can know the size and depth of targets underground..
with this device you can find anything underground : gold, gold nuggets,silver,bronze,ruins,graves
Buy 3D Ground Navigator and we guarantee your investment will be returned ..good luck
Settings screen avaialble in English ,but Visualizer 3D software come with multible languages :
and more..
- 3D Ground Navigator operate in 3 operating modes as follow :
1. Magnetometer :  
this mode is used to perform quick scan for ground to eliminate trash like iron objects before conducting of the real scan with other modes, it is best suitable for finding any kind of ferromagnetic objects..
2. 3D Ground Scan :  by using this mode the device perform real 3d scan for underground treasures and the scanning data will be rendered in Visualizer 3D software to get detailed info including size, depth and position of the detected objects
3. Discrimination : used to determine the type of object whether is magnetic metal or precious metals like gold or silver  or  voids like tunnels and caves..
- Telescopic Super Sensor with latest technology  and extendable length upon needs,with it the device can detect smallest metallic targets easily 
- The sensor has mountable handle to ease the carrying of the device .
- The device is operated by an internal battery for 24 hours of use and the user can use external Power Pack to extend the operating time to 48 hour.

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