Orient Technology Group, in cooperation with OKM - Germany, proudly presents the new, enhanced and improved version in its design and functionality:
Ground Navigator 2
The device includes the latest advanced technology for metal detection and prospecting in the world
Through a three-dimensional imaging technology, a special probe is used to conduct a three-dimensional spatial survey of the ground in a specific search area.
In this release, the super sensor design has been modified to improve performance to ensure more accurate and reliable search results.
The main unit of Ground Navigator 2 has also been modified and includes a larger and colorful touch screen with an updated program available in several languages for easy modification and adjustment of device settings
Settings screen avaialble in English ,but Visualizer 3D software come with multible languages :
and more..
-  Ground Navigator 2 Applications
The device is multipurpose metal detector with wide range of practical applications, including:
Detect gold treasures, golden objects such as ornaments, coins, statues.
Find precious metals such as copper, silver and platinum.
Cavity detection like tunnels, chambers, graves and so on.
Archaeological excavations
- Operating Modes
3D Ground Navigator 2 includes three operating modes for different applications
It can be selected from menu on touch screen.
1 – 3D Ground Scan Mode:
IT used to perform a detailed 3D scanning for specific area.
the scanning process is performed by using Super Sensor
which record the scan data for every point in this area,
then it transfers directly to bundled Tablet PC via USB cable,
Uses : to find every type of metals and golden treasures,
artifacts, tunnels, ancient antiquities and everything underground
2 – Magnetometer Mode:
It used to detect ferromagnetic metals underground, it is acoustical mode only
Uses : find  iron objects such as nails, nuts and objects like soda cans .
3 – Discrimination Mode:
It is useful for discrimination between different metal types including ferromagnetic metals, precious metals or spaces.
It displays a graphical signature on tablet screen depending on amplitude and color of signature the user can determine object type.
Example: if the amplitude is positive and color of signature is red then the object is non-ferrous metal like gold
Uses: quick scan for large areas.
- Tablet PC & Visualizer 3D
The scanned data collected by super sensor display on bundled tablet PC screen 
using Visualizer 3D application.
It can show detailed info about buried objects like as its type, shape, size, depth and position.

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