For all prospectors and gold hunters in the world, do you need a versatile device to find gold treasures and precious metals and even water?
had you had multiple devices for all above things? what about all in one solution?
Orient Technology Group offer that  solution with the first true versatile device with new German technology 2017 : COBRA L-R-L .
By using this device with its predefined programs you can search for gold ,gold nuggets, bronze, silver, relics, coins, underground cavities like ancient tombs and graves , and underground water .
COBRA L-R-L  has powerful Long-Range-Locator system to detect targets from long distances and to extreme depths underground
This device is best investment in money for serious gold prospector, buy it now and start the journey for treasure
the user interface available in the following language :
- German
- English
- Persian
- French
- Turkish
- Arabic
Integrated System work under Long-Range-Locator technolgy
Predefined settings (programs) for : Gold-Silver-Cavities-Bronze-Tunnels 
Scan range up to  2000 m in front direction.
Scan depth : 20m for metals , 60m for  water .
Automatic ground  balance upon changes in terrain
Precise target pinpointing  mechanism.
Easy  to use Graphical User Interface with multiple languages 
Working continuously for 8 hours by battery

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