Deep Seeker is the first device of its kind in the world with five integrated search systems to detect natural resources in the ground such as gold treasures, antiquities and precious metals.
This device works according to five different search systems: Long Range System - Ionic System - Magnetic System – 3D Imaging System – Spaces System
The device is designed to work in various difficult terrains, such as rocky terrain and high mineralization, which is the best in this field with the technique of penetrating the rock to detect targets to deeper depths.
The Deep Seeker machine is an integrated work station for every prospector, researcher to search for gold, diamonds, precious stones, buried treasures, ancient monuments, tombs, archaeological caves and all underground vaults.
Deep Seeker has five integrated systems to search for precious metals, buried treasures, etc. These systems include:
1. Long-Range Search System:
This search system is suitable for finding various buried metal targets from very long distances up to 3000 meters and an unprecedented depth of up to 40 meters underground. This system uses a small search unit installed on the search entrances and is installed on the main unit and receives the target signals and displays the direction of the target clearly on the screen in the shape of an arrow pointing towards the target.
Before searching using this system, the user adjusts the settings as follows:
* Choose “Long-Range System" from the list of search systems
* Select the target to search for in the Target Type list of the following options:
- Gold
- Silver
- Bronze
- Diamond
- Spaces
* Choose the distance from the list of the front range of the following values:
500 - 1000 - 1500 - 2000 - 2500 - 3000 meters
2 - Ionic Search System:
The system searches for ionic fields from long-buried metal objects such as gold treasures. When the user directs the device to the ground, it will emit an alert as an indication of a buried object, and the user can move towards the target to locate it more accurately.
3 – 3D imaging System
The system is designed to scan underground soil layers by the special sensor that connects to the front of the main control unit and is used to perform the three-dimensional survey of the soil. The user can visually display the scan steps on the secondary screen of the main unit and by installing a carrier base for the Tablet PC with The main unit and the installation of the tablets for the direct view of the area surveyed in the form of 3D representation on the screen of the Tablet PC using the 3D Ger Analyzer enables you to know all the details such as the size and depth of the targets buried underground.
With this powerful system, prospectors can find any underground targets such as gold, nuggets of gold and precious metals such as silver, bronze, buried gold treasures, statues, antiques, spaces, cavities etc.
4 - Magnetic system
This system searches for ferrous metals such as iron and steel. This is useful for quick scanning of the search area to avoid searching for valueless targets such as scrap metal, and focusing research in other areas on more valuable targets.
The probe is searched using a special magnetic sensor and the signal strength is displayed according to the indicator on the screen
5 - Search for spaces
This system searches for spaces using the special magnetic sensor also and displays the signal strength according to the indicator on the screen and this mode is used to detect the various types of underground spaces such as tunnels, catacombs, graves, caves and various cavities

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