NEW: the Keene 140 hvs drywasher has been upgraded and is now known as the 140S HVS drywasher.
This is the Complete Keene Engineering 140SHVS Hi Vac Power System Dry Washer. Powered by a 24.5cc 4 stroke Makita bhx2500ca gas powered dry vac system.

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- Soft Bed technology creates greater electrostatic charged recovery bed.
- Scrubbing Pins for early separation of material and even flow before entry into the recovery tray.
- New Improved Vibrator System creating greater vibration at lower engine speeds for increased gold production.
- Blast Gate Technology enables the operator to make fine adjustments to vibration and air pressure in the recovery container. As the material is shoveled into the large classifying hopper it automatically classifies the material, allowing only small gravel (approximately 3/8ths of an inch) to enter the concentrator.
- Vibration Transfer Bumpers The folding support legs are now equipped with these transfer bumpers that will transfer energy to the hopper. This vibration assists in moving larger material off the screen faster and eliminating the need to physically drag away excess material from the hopper. The material is then processed evenly through the recovery tray. The nonmagnetic gold and values are attracted magnetically to electrostatic charged special cloth that lines the recovery tray.

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