Orient Technology Group is proud to introduce to its dear customers whom are seeking for 3D imaging gold detection device at great price ever!!
It is Evo gold and metal detector.
Evo enable the prospector to detect buried gold treasures and metallic objects easily using simple small light weight easy to use device.
This device combines new generation of ground scanning technology for the exploration of underground structures and objects.
Evo gold detector can scan up to 8 meters depth underground by using a special scanning sensor then it transfer the data to included Android phone device that display the data as 3D graphics on its screen with installed 3D analysis program.  
Evo has ability to detect the buried targets in all terrains and soils kinds, and it can be used to detect golden targets, caves, tunnels and spaces with its unique 3D signal processing technology

* 2 Search Modes (Detection Systems)
1 – 3D Ground Scan 
Using this system the user scan specific rectangular area ( for example 4 meter width and 6 meters length) and save the scanning data then it transferred to Android phone device to display the data on screen using included 3D analysis program.
Using this software that displays a 3D representation of scanned data from it the user can analyze the size and depth and even type of metal (gold or silver or any other metal) of buried targets.
It is easy to know the type of target (like boxes – coins – treasures etc.) as the shape of buried object can be distinguished from 3D graphics.
2 – Live Scanner Mode
 In this mode the device performs live scanning of underground layers and display the scanning data directly on screen of Android phone, thus enable the user to know the target type and size directly saving time and efforts
* UMAD technology
The technology used in the device is one of the latest and most reliable technologies in the world which allows accurate analysis of the underground target by special sensor.
* Scanning Sensor
This modern sensor with its high-end technology for underground scanning enable the user to scan underground layers up to 8 meters depth .
The included sensor has a shape of a stick and its length adjustable as the user can extend its length up to 120 cm or fold it to 60 cm
* Easy to use 3D analysis software
By using 3D software program installed on the phone you can operate and control the device settings and display the scanning data for detailed analysis via its simple easy to use user interface.
* Lithium Battery
The device is working for 6 hours continuously using a 3.7 volt rechargeable lithium battery

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