Are you tired of searching for small gold nuggets and coins near the surface? Do you want to detect the real buried treasures which lie deeper than a normal metal detector can detect?
We have the answer to all those questions with powerful 3D metal and gold detector eXp 4500 from OKM.
eXp 4500 is multi-function, sub-surface imaging detector and ground scanner, built for the treasure hunter as well as the prospector, just grab the eXp 4500 and find those buried treasures. 
eXp 4500 can locate buried items easily like ancient artifacts, lost treasures and even naturally occurring mineralization like gold and silver at depths well beyond that of a normal metal detector
The eXp 4500 ground scanner is a high performance metal detecting device which is specially designed for the following applications:
 Archaeological 3D surveys, metal detection, treasure hunting and gold prospection
 pin pointer function to locating the exact position of buried treasures and artifacts
 3d imaging including size and depth
 detecting gold and other items of great value
 finding ancient artifacts, hidden treasures, gold, silver, bronze, hoards of coins, treasure deposits, pirate chests
 tunnels, voids and cavern locating
 mineral and natural gold prospecting
the user interface available in the following languages :
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Estonian
- Italian
- Russian
- Korean
- Turkish
- Arabic
- Persian
- Greek
- Chinese
- Bulgarian
- With several specialized detection antennas, the eXp 4500 ground scanner can also be used in highly mineralized areas for treasure hunting and prospecting.
- The graphical user interface of the eXp 4500 ground scanner is available in the 12 languages.
- The functionality of the eXp 4500 metal detector is only one key point that makes it a unique treasure hunting unit. Every single probe and antenna is tuned and optimized for its own purpose and function. The following antennas are available:
  GPR-Antenna ( 25 cm, 50 cm, 75 cm, 100 cm )
  Antenna for tunnel detection
  Super Sensor for high resolution ground scans, pin pointing and mineral detection
  FS-Thermo scan for 3D infrared images
- The measurement unit of the eXp 4500 includes a PC-module with which data is displayed immediately on the full color screen. During the scanning procedure a laptop computer is not required, you see the results directly on the screen in real time as it is recorded. Advanced technology allows measurements in brilliant resolutions. Measured data is stored in the internal memory and can be transferred later to a computer. Transferring measured values to a computer allows the operator to evaluate and compare all stored data. In doing this the operator can determine depth, size and position of targets using the professional Visualizer 3D software.
- The eXp 4500 ground scanner has several characteristics that set it aside from other imaging detectors:
lightweight portability
non-intrusive real time ground surveying
quick and easy set up and operation
live color coded surveys
allows for impromptu and fast surveys
immediate on-site interpretation of target area
measured values showing extreme depth of survey
measured values showing location of targets within surveyed area
highly sensitive and accurate metal detecting device

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