Dear customer, have you searched for gold for hours using traditional metal detector and dug to find nothing ? do you wish a perfect device to find real treasures and can show you the target before excavation?
This device available us : it is EXP 6000 from OKM (Germany) the leader in metal detection devices.
EXP 6000 with its unique 3D ground scanning technology and sensors and probes can detect any metallic objects from  gold nuggets and buried gold treasures to large artifacts in extreme depths underground ..
The eXp 6000 is perfect device  to locate buried artifacts, lost treasures, other hidden structures. It provides nondestructive examination methods to render graphical images of subterranean targets before excavation.
Based on practical experiences the revolutionary release of the eXp 6000 ground scanner opens up new opportunities for serious treasure hunters, gold seekers, archaeologists, prospectors, ground research companies and metal detecting enthusiasts.
the user interface available in the following languages :
- English
- German
- French
- Spanish
- Estonian
- Italian
- Russian
- Korean
- Turkish
- Arabic
- Persian
- Greek
- Chinese
- Bulgarian
Totally wireless, all components are communicating by WiFi
All measuring probes contain an integrated gyroscope (orientation sensor)
o New invented, extendable Telescopic Probe 
o Famous Super Sensor
o Tunnel Sensor 
o Live Stream Sensor 
GPS tracking and navigation 
High resolution display (1024 x 768 Pixel) with touch screen capabilities and automatic brightness regulation
Connection of wireless Android video eye glasses or Tablet PC`s to improve handling or supervising
Sound output via internal speaker, standard wired headphones or wireless Bluetooth headphones possible
Powered by rechargeable cable-free Power Packs
Multilingual user interface with different layouts/skins to optimize readability under tough light conditions
Visualizer 3D software for in-depth analyses of conducted ground scans (easy data transfer via USB stick, no additional driver installation necessary)
6 Operating Modes :
o Tunnel Scan
o Live Scan
o Ground Scan
o Mineral Scan
o Pin Pointer
o Magnetometer

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