Orient Technology Group is pleased to provide its clients with a unique groundwater detector:

Farm Life water detector.

The FARM LIFE groundwater detector operates in accordance with a sophisticated geophysical system to explore underground aquifers and artesian wells beneath the earth`s surface up to 850 meters deep.





Works according to a geophysical system based on the principle of measurement of soil resistance across the poles that are implanted in the ground
- LCD display to display data, indicators and measurements such as water type (fresh - salty - natural) and the depth of water under the surface and the proportion of salinity
- The device works in all terrain thanks to the automatic ground balance system according to the change in soil type and terrain
- can detect groundwater deposits up to a depth of up to 850 meters with the possibility to determine the depth in meters and centimeters
- Equipped with four poles of electric power.
- The device operates on a 12-volt rechargeable internal battery that enables it to work for 8 hours continuously.
- All components of the device are assembled in a strong anti-shock bag.
- Certificate of origin and guarantee for two years from the date of purchase.

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