For every one who want a device to detect water in the ground with a special price and high performance
Orient Technology offers you a device that meets your ambitions at the best price: Fresh Result
 Fresh Result operates a long-range locator system to detect underground water sources where it can detect ground water sources at a depth of 1200 meters
With a simple and easy method of use for all novices and professionals, the researcher can discover the aquifers and the artesian wells and locate them accurately before drilling





- The possibility of choosing the type of target to be sought: Salt water - Fresh water - Natural water
- Long-range locator system to locate underground water deposits from 2500 meters and to depths up to 1200 meters
- Steering system by turning the device towards the target
- The possibility of determining the front range of search within the following values: from 500 meters - 1000 meters - 1500 meters - 2000 meters - 2500 meters.
- Possibility to determine the depth of the underground target in advance before searching up to 1200 meters.
- Certificate of origin and two years guarantee from the date of purchase


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