Future 2018 a new powerful device from OKM for gold treasures and precious metals detection, the device primarily designed for treasure hunters for easy exploration.
By using Future 2018 metal detector, the prospector can find hidden treasures, ancient artifacts and historical valuables buried for a long time underground. 
Future 2018 utilizes OKM`s approved and reliable sensor technology to obtain measurement data. Then the scanned values are transferred wirelessly to a connected Tablet PC or computer running Visualizer 3D software that enable easy analysis of buried targets visually.
The graphical user interface (GUI) of Visualizer 3D is available in 11 languages including: 

- Arabic
- Chinese
- English
- Farsi
- French
- German
- Greek
- Japanese
- Russian
- Spanish
- Turkish
- Applications
Future 2018 3D ground scanner can be used to detect many different kinds of buried items like:
* Lost coins, rings and jewelry
* Buried ancient hoards and treasure caches
* Hidden boxes, chests, vases filled with precious items
* Underground tunnels, caves, cellars, tombs and sepulchers
- Operation Modes 
OKM Future 2018 use one unique scanning probe for performing the measurements and the user can choose to use the device in one of two operation modes as follow:
1 - Ground Scan Mode 
In this mode the device perform detailed ground scanning of specific area by using the measurement probe and the 3D measurements (scanned data) transferred to bundled Tablet PC for detailed analysis using installed Visualizer 3D software which makes it easy to determine position, size and depth of hidden targets.
In this mode the user can use the detector in vertical and horizontal mode.
2 – Live Sound Mode
This mode used to detect buried ferrous metallic objects like iron and steel, and this done by processing an acoustical magnetic field measurement by using measurement probe , the measurements data displayed visually on tablet pc screen.
In this mode the user can use the detector in vertical mode only.
- Tablet PC  
The bundled tablet PC device is used to control and operate the device and selecting of operation modes and its settings. 
After the wireless data connection has been established the user can select an operating mode (Live Sound or Ground Scan), select the orientation of the scanning probe and start surveying the area of interest.
While performing the measurements the scan data is displayed immediately on tablet screen for visual indication of targets that lies under the surface. Wireless Bluetooth headphones receive acoustical information about your scan or target.
- Visualizer 3D
After scanning the field, the scanned data displayed as graphical 3D representation on tablet screen, and the user can analyze measurements with Visualizer 3D software to get more information about hidden targets, lost treasures and ancient artifacts, including its shape and size and depths using easy to use software.

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