Gold Seeker gold detector is the most advanced device for detecting natural gold ore, which works efficiently in different terrain and environments thanks to the unique technology in the device, which allows the capture of the tiniest nuggets of ore gold underground.
Gold Seeker gold detector is fast and easy to use with accurate results for the detection of gold ore through the first pulse induction system of its kind in the device, which proved to be effective.

- How The Device Works?
When the device is working, it sends a signal to the Double D Coil search COIL, which in turn generates a spiral current signal called Eddie Current, which will generate spiral electromagnetic waves that amplified to more than 1000 beats per second to help the device cover larger depths as well as signal analysis of the target to determine whether the discovered metal is ferrous or non-ferrous metal
- Automatic Calibration & Ground Balance
The unique advantage of this device is its ability to calibrate with the ground to ensure that it is not affected by any signs of moisture in soil, mineral rocks or land containing mineral salts or solid ground
- Search Steps
1. After adjusting the ground balance and sensitivity, the search begins by lifting the search coil 2 cm above the ground with a slight movement to the left and right so that the search coil is parallel to the surface of the ground.
2. When you pick up a precious metal such as gold, the device produces a continuous sound while the green indicator lights up to alert the user to a valuable target
3. If the signal issued for a non-precious metal such as an iron scrap, the device produces a choppy sound while the red indicator lights
4. If the signal from the target is weak we press the tune button to raise the sensory range of the search coil to reach deeper depths and confirm the target.
5. To avoid losing smaller and deeper targets, you must move the search coil from right to left and left to right over the search area.
6. To make sure the target type is ferrous or non-ferrous metal we move the coil slowly above the target where we stop the coil above the target while keeping it high ground 2 cm.
- Device Features
- Gold Seeker contains two search coils with diameters 28 and 15 cm for big and small objects
- The maximum depth of the device is 3.5 meters underground
- Works efficiently in various natural terrain, climatic conditions and in different types of soils
- - The device is characterized by the quality of manufacture and light weight and suitable for long practical use

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