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Gold Star 3D Scanner

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Gold Star 3D Scanner
Gold Star 3D Scanner | 3 Search Systems for Gold & Metal Detection
We are pleased to announce in collaboration with Mega Locators (Germany) this all in one device that combines for the first time 3 systems in one compact device.
Gold Star 3D Scanner was built with real prospectors in mind by incorporating all features which they need with ease of use.
The user can select between built-in searches systems and change to one of them easily by installing certain components, or he can search using more than one system to get best results.
Gold Star 3D Scanner new technology for 3D ground scanning and analysis of underground layers by using included sensor for optimum results.
With its improved Long-Range locator system with reliable Mega Detection technology found in Mega Scan Pro you can detect gold treasures and other metals from farthest distances to extreme depths underground.
Gold Star 3D Scanner can detect magnetic metals and spaces unground using Magnetometer sensor for extreme depth.
Buy this device now and go to find your treasure easily , we hope you good times and plentiful gains.





The three included search systems make Gold Star 3D Scanner an all in one multipurpose device for use in the gold and metal detection for any serious gold prospector and treasure hunter.
The 3 search systems include:
1 – 3D Imaging System: 
Using a Mega Detection analysis program the user can use the device to find targets underground and analyzing it to know all details about it through precise 3D graphics graphs that represent the scanned data of underground layers visually for easy determining of the size and depth and even exact shape of the target before drilling it.
The Gold Star 3D Scanner 3-D system has a simple cool design that combines ease of use, light weight for easy handling and operation, with mobility and secrecy as anyone who will see the device will recognize it as a stick that does not resemble any metal detection device.
With equipped Tablet PC computer with high-resolution screen and pre-installed 3d analysis program, that work on detection and identification of targets through the reception of signals from telescopic probe that work for up to 10 hours of continuous operation, the accurate information about the target location and depth and size are presented to let the prospector dig in the right place underground to find his treasure.
2 - Magnetometer System (Sonic System)
Using the unique probe technology (Magnetometer) the user can search for magnetic metals and spaces underground and this is useful for quick search for trash and even to find tunnels and graves that may contains valuable treasures or relics.
This special sensor works to determine the exact location of the target’s position accurately and this accomplished through the sonic indicators (tones or sounds) which the user can hear via included headphones when he pass with the Magnetometer above the target directly with the possibility of identifying the spaces and the tunnels and caves in the most difficult rocky and sandy soils.
3 - Long-Range Locator System:
This unique system works by receiving target signals from large distances from 300 to 1200 meters in the front range without being affected by weather conditions, it can detect smallest metallic targets ranging from few grams weight to multi-kilo grams treasures with a massive depth range of up to 30 meters underground 
Using this system the user can select the predefined target type from following options:
1 - Gold Treasures
2 - Gold Nugget
3 - Silver 
4 – Bronze
Also he can choose the scan range in the front direction from these choices:
300 – 600 – 900 – 1200 meter
- Main Electronic Unit is made of the high-quality materials that are not affected by any climatic conditions.
- Search Antennas:  coated with special metallic paint that help to receive the weakest signals and determine the target area accurately.
- Durable 12 volts Lithium battery for 10 hours of continuous use and operation.
- Telescopic Probe (Sensor) works on principle of the reception of targets signals from the underground metal objects and the spaces and converting it to sonic and 3d imaging signals.
- Windows 10 Tablet PC computer with a installed 3D imaging analysis program (MEGA Detection) that display all scanned data from probe as 3D graphics for easy analysis of target size, depth and shape easily. 
- Plastic Holding Base used for fixing the tablet computer above the telescopic probe during the search operation for direct view of scanning data directly on the screen of tablet.
- AC charger
- Travel adapter for car
- High-Quality Headphones
- User Manual [in German, English and Arabic languages]
- Training CD including videos about device use (available in Arabic, English and German languages)
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