Orient Technology Group is proud to offer to our dear customers a most respectable device for gold nuggets and ores detection in world :  GPX 4500 from Minelab.


The versatile GPX-4500 is a proven gold finder with many features and great performance. Incorporating Minelab’s superior Multi Period Sensing (MPS), Dual Voltage Technology (DVT) and Smart Electronic Timing Alignment (SETA) technologies it penetrates mineralized ground better and deeper than basic PI detectors.

- 2 coils supplied: 11-inch Double-D for general use AND 11" Mono loop for deeper detecting
- MPS, DVT & SETA technologies for superior gold detecting performance.
- Versatile Timing settings for various ground conditions. 
- Six pre-programmed search modes for easy switch-on-and-go detecting.
- Stabilizer control for the smoothest threshold. In noisy conditions, 
- Ground Balance OFF for neutral soils. This is a useful feature for very benign low mineralized or salt saturated soils. This setting will also work well for treasure or relic hunters in loam or sandy soils.
- Backlight with adjustable time-out to preserve battery life.
- Target Volume allows you to increase the strength of softer target signals.
- Iron Reject function allows you to set the desired level of discrimination, from cautious to aggressive. 
- Built-in amplifier so you can hear soft target signals from deeper nuggets, more easily. 
- The Li-lon battery pack includes a built-in audio amplifier, allowing you to use an external speaker without the need for any external booster. 

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