For all gold prospectors in world, Orient Technology Group is pleased to offer the most powerful device in the world for gold detection and most professional one: GPZ 7000.
GPZ 7000 is a professional device for any serious gold prospector with its high-end technologies and features with high performance.
GPZ 7000 can detect smallest natural gold nuggets in most difficult terrains and soils types, and it can reach depths that other devices simply can’t.
GPZ 7000 contains special features like GPS locating and PC Mapping, Wireless Audio, Automatic Ground Balance and other features that ease the gold detection for all device users.
This device is recommended for any prospector and gold seeker thanks to its reliable results obtained through practical experiments in the gold fields by expert prospectors.
GPZ 7000 is a powerful device with latest advanced technologies that have been included in it, to give more accurate and reliable results.
Below is a brief description of included technologies in GPZ 7000:
Zero Voltage Transmission (ZVT):
The first of its kind technology that enable the detection of gold nuggets at extreme depths in comparison with other devices , this is done by creating ultra constant high-power opposite polarity magnetic fields that increase gold sensitivity for deeper depth.
Super – D:
The search coils integrate this technology which is consisted of central transmitting coil and two receiving coils, this configuration greatly decreases interference from magnetic soils, reducing ground noise.
This technology used to save the coordinates of current search area location and record it on Google Maps for later detection in same place or nearby 
Wi Stream
 Uses low-power digital audio transmission to achieve no perceivable audio time lag (<10 ms). This provides reliability and maximum sound quality.
Other Features
- Best Gold Sensitivity
GPZ 7000 has maximum gold sensitivity for tiniest gold nuggets thanks to included Super-D search coil which enable the prospector to find smallest gold pieces up to 1 gram or less.
- Extreme Gold Depth
With its exclusive ZVT (Zero Voltage Transmission) technology, GPZ 7000 can detect gold nuggets at depths up to 40% deeper than any rival device 
- Automatic Ground Balance
GPZ 7000 performs well in all terrains thanks to its Automatic Ground Balance feature that change and adjust the ground balance value of the device according to searched ground terrain and work flawlessly in all ground conditions like mineralized soils or rocky ground…
- Noise Immunity
This feature enables the prospector to perform smooth and quiet detecting as the device cancels the noise signals from different sources and thus the user can listen to gold signals only.
- Waterproof Coil 
The device include waterproof GPZ 14 coil which enable to search in lakes, shorelines and rivers up 1 meter underwater , beside that the device as whole is weather proof and it can be used in rainy or wet weather without any problems.
- Wireless Audio 
With WM12 wireless module the user can hear gold signals without needing to attach headphone to the device and this is more comfortable for the user during moving and detection.
- Easy to Use User Interface
It has been designed with simple menu system with graphical icons with quickly accessible settings that can be adjusted easily by using buttons below the display screen.
The user can navigate through Detecting or Mapping pages to select and adjust relative settings and configure some device functions. 

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