Find Gold and Treasures By Using Newest Long Range Locators Devices in 2019

Dear Customer  : If you`re looking for treasures , raw gold and spaces and basements at different and varied depths starting from 1 meter and up to 60 meters into the ground in wide and vast areas in non-specific and
opened  search area  , you need a long-range-locator device from our professional collection of devices.
Orient Technology Group offers a group of most powerful devices from most important approved industries, that work on the gold and treasures using far-reaching professional sensing technology that enables you to specify the target type and location in small time and target position identification precisely  with a collection of the most important German, French, Turkish and American industries 
We Offer you an elite group of high-end  technology  with the best competitive prices with factory guarantee and certificate of origin with the unlimited  approved  training and technical support .

Mega Diamond Locator

Gold Star 3D Scanner

Mega Scan Pro 2019

Mega G3 2018

Mega Gold 2019