For every prospector for gold and treasures and even diamond in the world 
Orient Technology Group is proud to introduce a new version of best specialized device to detect gold:
MEGA GOLD 2020 from Mega Locators - Germany
In this version the device has been developed and enhanced in a lot of details in electronic circuits and software program and modified design, now the device has the ability to detect other types of metals not as previous version that can detect gold only
By using Mega Gold 2020 the user can detect gold nuggets, silver, and diamond from 2000 m distance and up to 30 m depth underground.
Mega Gold is the perfect device that combines advanced features and functionality with mid-range price to satisfy the needs of hobbyist and professional gold prospectors and treasure hunters.  
The device graphical user interface (GUI) available in 8 languages , you can select the language from start screen and the settings will be saved even if you restart the device 
- German
- English
- Russian
- French
- Spanish
- French
- Turkish
- Arabic
New Features in Mega Gold 2020:
* Improved Long Range Locator System
The Long Range System has been updated to enable the detection of targets from farthest distances up to 2000 meter instead of 1000 as previously, and to more depth that can reach 30 m underground.
* 4 Preset Programs to find Gold Treasure, Gold Nuggets, Silver and Diamond
Now with Mega Gold 2020 the prospector can find other types of targets beside gold like previous version, as new preset programs have been added to detect gold nuggets, silver, diamond and can be selected easily 
* Ergonomic Design:
New improved design of the main unit to ease the carrying and using of the devices in all conditions .
* Depth Measurement Unit (Deep Master):
The unit has been redesigned and updated to give more precise and reliable results   
Beside above new features the device contains a lot of features that ease the work of users like:
- Mega Gold unique technology that include advanced long range system with latest German technology by using gold filters to detect gold or any other target up to 30 m depth in 20 seconds from beginning of the scan .
- The device is provided with golden filters to detect gold signals from 250 - 2000 meter range in front with high precision rate, and with ignorance of error signals caused by hot rocks or ironic objects.
- Exact locating of target direction by using Laser Locating system from long distances
- Automatic Ground Balance that reflect the changes in ground terrains (agricultural lands or rocky ground.), and type of soil .
- Attractive design and easy to carry and use because of light weight, made from high quality plastics , for long durable use without any problems.
- TFT Color display let the user to watch signals and settings 
- Easy and simple Graphical User Interface program for easy adjustment of settings, available in multi languages like English - Arabic - French…
- Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery for long use period up to 20 hour

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