Mega Scan Pro 2020 gold and metal detector with German technology
After the great success achieved by the Mega Scan Pro in the Middle East and the world, the device manufacturer upgraded the device and added a lot of new features and improvements to previously available features to provide you with a device that fully meets your needs in the detection of gold and treasures ..
Have you ever wanted a device that can detect precious metals, gold, spaces and caves in one machine at a reasonable price?
Orient Technology offers you the solution that meets your ambition and dreams. With Mega Scan Pro 2020 you do not need to buy a gold detector and another metal detector. The machine is a multi-purpose device with 10 programs pre-designed to explore gold treasures, natural gold, bronze, silver, spaces and caves.
Mega Scan Pro 2020 is the latest in German technology in the field of metal detection and gold detection based on the experiences of prospectors and their observations and notes.
The device is easy to use due to the streamlined design of the comfortable handle for use and the LCD screen and easy to understand buttons that enable easy adjustment device program which is simple and easy for beginners and professionals alike.
The device graphical user interface (GUI) available in 8 languages , you can select the language from start screen and the settings will be saved even if you restart the device 
- German
- English
- Russian
- French
- Spanish
- French
- Turkish
- Arabic
* 3 integrated systems to search for gold, metals and spaces:
In the new version of Mega Scan Pro 2020 a new Ionic Scan System has been added in addition to the long-range locator system and magnetometer system to give the operator more accurate and reliable results and the he can switch between systems easily by choosing the system to be searched with.
* Improved  long-range locator system:
Much of the details and device software have been improved so that it can detect targets from a farthest  distances(2000 m instead of 1500 m in the old version) and for more depths (40 m instead of 30 m)
* 10 programs to search for different targets:
  You can now search for 10 types of targets with the new programs that have been added where the prospector can search for: copper - bronze - silver - gold ore - gold treasures - diamonds - gemstones - copper - caves and spaces - platinum – iron
* New and improved version of the depth measurement unit:
  The depth measurement unit attached to the device has been developed and improved to provide more accurate and reliable results.
In addition to the previous features the machine has the following specifications and features:
- Precise electronic sensors to capture signals from targets with high accuracy.
- Golden filters to capture the buried gold signal while ignoring the erroneous signals resulting from metal or other rocks.
- Easy to use software for novice and professional users with a simple multilingual graphical interface that allows you to easily adjust settings and see indicators
-TFT LCD screen with good resolution for a clearer view of the results
- Light weight and made of high quality plastic materials.
- Modern design has been improved in this release and suitable for practical use
- Attached lithium batteries offer long-term exploration and rechargeable options. A car charger is also available for exploration in areas far from cities.

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