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Nokta Invenio

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Nokta Invenio

Nokta Invenio gold & metal detector is the device which considered a revolution in converting a dream into reality in the metal detectors world.
Despite a long history of typical metal detection devices which started in 1930’s, and despite much advancement in their technologies and features, it was not sufficient enough to meet the expectations of users and prospectors seeking for gold and treasures.

For last years in metal detection field, the manufacturers didn’t invent any new technologies and they could not do anything new than issuing different sound tones for different targets types or displaying numerical IDs for targets on screen and reaching a standstill.
On the other hand, users have expected much more from the metal detector they wanted to buy, for example they wishes their detector to include a features such as : discovery of targets at greater depth , knowing the type of detected metal before digging , knowing the exact true depths of targets , know the shape of targets and real dimensions ..
After years of research and development and advanced engineering studies, Invenio has been developed as the first metal detector with a smart imaging system that allows the user to know the exact shape, depth and real dimensions of buried targets. It also offers the discrimination between different types of metals and the possibility of discovering spaces and cavity.
17 Languages : English / German / Greek / Turkish / French / Italian / Russian / Arabic/ Spanish / Chinese / Persian / Bulgarian / Serbian / Romanian / Dutch / Portuguese / Polish
- Multi-Purpose Device:
Invenio can be used to detect various types of targets including: deep-buried gold treasures, spaces and tunnels, coins, artifacts, underground cavities such as graves and chambers and in short everything underground
- Search Modes
Invenio metal detector includes 6 search modes as follows:
1 – 3 Non-Motion Search Modes: Basic – Expert - Ground Anomaly & Cavity
2 - 3 Motion Modes: All Metal – Fast – Deep
- Great Metal Discrimination & Unmasking:
This feature in Invenio device save the time of the prospector by focusing on discovering the targets he want to find and thus spending less time digging.
- High Performance and Unprecedented Depth
Invenio gold detector can detect the deepest treasures of gold, jewels, artifacts, etc., which no other device can find or detect.
- Wireless Connection
Communication and data transfer between the system box of Invenio device and the coil unit is don wirelessly using Wi-Fi technology. In addition, users who do not prefer wired headphones can purchase optional 2.4 GHz wireless headphones to hear target signals.
- Vibration:
The device features a vibration feature. When activated, the device will vibrate when a target is detected, a key feature for hearing impaired users when searching in areas with high noise and sounds.
- Save Scan Data 
The user can save all three-dimensional graphics and screen shots resulted from the ground scanning and transfer it to his computer for better preview and more detailed analysis.
- Online Firmware Update
Updates for device software program can be downloaded from the manufacturer`s website and it can be updated by connecting the USB cable attached to the device and downloading updates to the device by using a computer.
- Front LED Flashlight and Screen backlight:
The device has a LED flashlight used to search in the dark, and the screen has a backlight so user can see the results of the scan even in the dark

Standard Package Contents

1 - System Box

2 - Shaft & Handle

3 - IPTU Sensor

4 - INV40 Search Coil

5 - INV28 Search Coil

6 - System Box Carrying Case

7 - Headphones

8 - AC Charger

9 - Car Charger

10 - USB Cable

11 - IPTU Carrying Bag

12 - Protective Covers

13 - Coil Mounting Hardware

14 - Carrying Belt

15 - Carrying Bag


Pro Package Contents


1 - System Box

2 - Shaft & Handle

3 - IPTU Sensor

4 - INV40 Search Coil

5 - INV56 Search Coil

6 - INV28 Search Coil

7 - Headphones

8 - System Box Carrying Case

9 - Spare 9500mAh LiPo Battery

10 - AC Charger

11 - Car Charger

12 - USB Cable

13 - Harness/Carrying Belt/Bungee Cord

14 - Coil Mounting Hardware

15 - Protective Covers

16 - IPTU Carrying Bag

17 - INV56 Carrying Bag

18 - Carrying Bag

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