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Orient Technology Group as always habituates you on presenting of best and latest gold and metal detection devices.

Our company is an authorized agent and licensed dealer of major German and American international companies operating in the field of manufacturing of gold & metals detection devices

In the start of New Year 2018, we congratulate our dear customers and wish you a new year filled with happiness and success and plentiful gains To get your valued trust, our company is always pleased to provide all the customer needs and meet his desires from good services and special offers on the devices and its accessories and prices…

With the New Year we are pleased to announce the following special and amazing offers that you will not find at any rival company:

Latest and newest devices in 2018.

  1. 3D Ground Navigator: the latest German technology from OKM with most advanced 3d ground scanning system that can detect targets up to 20 m depth, and bundled with a tablet computer to show the scanning results as 3d graphics...With this device find all metal types and gold treasures and everything else underground with fantastic reliable results
  2. Mega Scan Pro 2018: a new version of best-selling device by our company , now with 3 integrated systems and 10 programs to find gold, all types of metals and even diamond and gemstones by using its advanced Long Range Locator system ever.
  3. Mega G3 2018: a new edition of this gold detection device, now with its new Ionic Scan system and enhanced LRL system bundled with 8 programs to detect gold, bronze, silver, diamond…etc.
  4. Mega Diamond Locator: latest addition to our devices, a unique device for detection of diamonds and gemstones with powerful mega detection technology.
  5. EVO: a smallest gold detector in the world works using powerful 3D Imaging System to detect all precious metals and golden treasures underground.
We are pleased to offer this successful device to our customers, the first device in the world that includes 5 search systems in one unique device to find underground gold treasures and all types of precious metals in all terrains

* Free shipping for most devices to any country in the world by major international shipping companies, just call us from your country and we guarantee the delivery of purchased devices to our customers in few days.

* After-sales and free technical support services to fix all problems of our customers that meet them when they buy our products… we are ready to serve you anytime

* Discounts and special offers on the prices of most our devices

* Big discounts for wholesale dealers and agents... We need distributors in most countries

* Surprises and gifts will be announced at its time on our website... Just keep in touch with our website for full information

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Mega Scan Pro

The most powerful gold & metal detector with 3 search systems and 10 programs to find gold ...