Pulse Star II  an great pulse induction metal detector to find gold and metals ..
With its unique PI technology that work by transmitting power pulses and receive the signals back by its coils  it can detect large metallic objects and gold pieces at deep depths.
Pulse Star II is easy to use and can detect any kind of metal. In real time there is conductivity meter who tells you what is the conductivity of the metal and on the display you see is the detected metal an iron or it`s gold, silver..
Available in English
-  2 LED indicators - green for iron targets, and red - for non-ferrous targets
- Simple to operate 
- 4 Operating modes (Sensitivity settings)
- Built-in lead-acid battery 12V/1.3Ah
- Built-in quick-charging electronics, charging possible with AC adaptor (230V or 120V)

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