For those looking for underground water and artesian wells in the ground, Orient Technology offers you the latest technology in the world with high precision specifications and technologies for easy detection of groundwater deposits
Our company offers a unique device: River – F groundwater detector
RIVER-F device operates a long-range locator system to detect and locate water sources underground, where it can detect water at a depth of 1200 meters and as far as 2,500 meters
The features of the device provide the explorer with great effort in the search for water and artesian wells.
The RIVER-F is small in size, light weight and easy to use with cheap price to provide an excellent device for each researcher for underground water
- Long-range locator system to monitor and locate underground water deposits from 2500 meters distance and depths up to 1200 meters
- The possibility of choosing the type of water to be sought: Salt water - Fresh water - Natural water
- An orientation system via antennas with a pointer on the screen determines the direction of the target
- The possibility of determining the front range starting from 500 meters - 1000 meters - 1500 meters - 2000 meters - 2500 meters.
- Possibility to determine the depth of the underground target in advance before searching up to 1200 meters.
- The touch screen of the device to display the search data and measurement indicators in digital and visual format.
- Certificate of origin and guarantee for a period of two years from the date of purchase
 - The device is lightweight (3 kg) with ease in carrying and use

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