Rover C2 gold detector from OKM-Germany a unique device that work with electromagnetic pulse system which is used effectively to locate targets in search fields..
Rover C2  can detect metals like gold and silver and brass ..etc with ability of discrimination ,beside that it is able to locate voids and tunnels and caves ..
The scanned data collected by sensor is displayed on computer by Visualizer 3D software which enable the user to analyze and get detailed info about targets like size and depth..
the user interface available in the following languages :
- English
- German
- Arabic
- Persian
- French
- Spanish
- Find target up to 18 meter depth using big sensor
- Weight : 3 KG 
- Small, light-weight and made to look like a trekking pole and the length can be adjusted
- The 3D software for analyzing the graphical measurements 
- Made in Germany by OKM
- 2 years warranty

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