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Orient Technology Group present the lightest and smallest metal detection and gold hunting device in the world, Rover UC from OKM the big name in metal detection technology.
OKM Rover UC is a new generation of metal detecting technology. a new deep seeking detector which is smaller, lighter and more compact that any detector previously built. 
The user control the device by a smart phone. No need to have a computer to see buried items .
 OKM Rover UC is based on the well-proven, reliable and powerful technology of the Rover Series, in which many details has been optimized and improved. Thus the multi-functional Rover UC metal detector is able to locate buried items like gold, silver, chests and boxes as well as hidden rooms, graves and tunnels. So the Rover UC metal detector is suitable for every undercover treasure hunt.
the user interface available in the following languages :
- English
- German
- Arabic
- Persian
- French
- Spanish
- The following operating modes are available:
1 - Visual magnetometer to locate ferromagnetic metal objects underground
2 - Visual 3d ground scans with manual and automatic impulse mode (graphical ground scans with three-dimensional analysis directly on the smart phone)
3- Visual metal discrimination between ferrous and non-ferrous metals
- Small, light-weight and made to look like a trekking pole and the length can be adjusted
- Disguised as a hiking stick with integrated FM radio
- Smart phone as detector controller and display for the 3d graphics
- The 3D software for analyzing the graphical measurements has been integrated completely into an Android smart phone, so you don`t need any computer for data analysis 
- The smart phone`s user interface and the OKM application is available in multiple languages
- Controller  : Samsung smart phone include headphone ,USB cable and charger
- Wireless Telescopic Probe
- Carrying Bag
- 3D software ( "Visualizer 3D" )
- DVD contains instructions video
- 2 AA Batteries
- User`s Manual
- Windows Tablet PC (Optional) 
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