Keene Engineering`s NEW GW25 Professional 25 inch gold spiral wheel produces unparalleled performance in both speed and fine gold recovery. Recover ultra fine gold better than anything you have ever seen before. This amazing gold recovery is due to its soft rubber spiral riffles that have negative angle undercuts and sharp edges.
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- unique feature of Keene`s GW25 spiral wheel is the metered gold tube that easily screws into the back of the wheel to remove gold and a black sand collection funnel to collect a first run of concentrates. Machine also has attachable cup for first run recovery that collects both gold and black sand and transports it down a tube to collect large amount of Black sand and Gold for final extraction run.
- The water flow tube has metered water jets for precise flow. Set up by inserting three stainless steel legs and connect a 12v battery and you are ready to witness the most advanced recovery spiral system on the market today.
- Includes 1100 gallon per hour 12 volt pump, wash down hose and nozzle, filter sieve and a solid recovery pan. Capacity up to 400 lbs. per hour.
- Recovery is easily facilitated by accurate speed control and a adjustable water system with 26 jets that can be metered precisely for best mix and control of the heavies you are collecting.
- Two Water Jets are placed on the outer rim to speed gold into the Riffle system and rapidly wet the material entering the bowl along with a separately mounted wash down hose. Mounting legs are Stainless Steel for rust prevention and the unit can be plugged into any 12 volt DC battery.
- Net Weighs about 25 lbs + about 5 pounds for the feeder.

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