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By 2018 proudly we offer the best equipment that we received recently, namely:
1 - Ground Navigator | 3D Ground Navigator latest device from German OKM the latest graphic technology three-dimensional scan the ground to a depth of up to 40 m with a Tablet PC facility to display the results of the survey .. with this device discovered all the gold treasures, precious metals and even ancient monuments impressive results and reliable.
2 - Mega residents Pro 2018: German giant machine with the latest best-selling issue by us and the strongest for the detection of gold and minerals in the best long-term system of remote sensing at all
3 - Titan Gear 1000 | TITAN GER 1000: We are pleased to offer this device, which has achieved unprecedented success, the device, which includes for the first time five search systems for the detection of the treasures of the earth and Dvainha of precious metals and gold ore and Devin
4 - Titan Gear 400 | TITAN GER 400: the first device of its kind with four built-in search needs of each and prospectors seeking gold and treasures and monuments Systems
* Free shipping service to all countries of the world via the World famous shipping companies just call from your country We insure you connect the device
* Free after sales and technical support services to solve customer problems that encounter when buying a newly our organs .. We are ready to serve you at any time
* Discounts and rebates on most of the unprecedented price of our organs on the occasion of the new year in the case of receipt of the device in our company's headquarters .. You just have to contact us
* Big discounts when buying wholesale dealers and agents .. Distributors wanted in most Arab countries
* Surprises and gifts will be announced at the time on our website .. just kept in touch with our website for full information
All this and more awaits you now do not hesitate to contact us
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