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New 2017 .. for the first time in history of metal detection devices ..
First device with 5 integrated search systems ..  TITAN GER 1000
Orient Technology Group is proud to offer this awesome device to save you from hassle of purchasing multiple devices as in the past..
With 5 search systems:
1- Long Range Locator System
2- Ionic System
3- Imaging System
4- Magnetometer System
5- Pulse Induction System
you can find and detect everything underground whatsoever like gold and precious metals (Silver - Brass..) and gemstones and ancient buried treasures and artifacts..etc
with TITAN GER 1000 there is no need to waste time in random search because you own 5 devices in one package for all your needs 
Buy TITAN GER 1000  now and start the treasure trip ..good times
5 Integrated search systems :

1- Long Range Locator System : for scanning in front from 500 m to 2500 m range , the user can receive the signal from the target and walk in its direction to locate it . the device can detect targets at 45 m depth underground.
2- Magnetometer System : it is best suitable for searching for magnetic metals like iron, nickel.. 
3 - Ionic System : in this system the device receive any ionic signals from buried objects underground .., it is perfect choice for searching for ruins and gold treasures in ancient tombs and graves , 
4 - Imaging System : device scan the layers of soil underground and display the scanning data as 3D colored graphics on the Tablet , the graphics can be analyzed to obtain detailed info about the target like its dimensions and its depth . It is the best choice for knowing the target type before excavation  ..
5 - Pulse Induction System : in this system the device perform automatic ground balance and error correction to obtain best accurate results 
Preset programs for (gold - silver - brass - gemstones -diamond..etc)
Work in all environments and grounds 
Touch Screen display show all scanning data with simple easy interface available in following languages : English - French - German - Arabic
Small size for easy using.
Modern and stylish design 
2 years warranty with origin certificate 
Full Package of TITAN GER 1000  include :
- Main electronics unit 
- Signal Transmitter
- Signal Receiving unit
- Search coils in two sizes for pulse induction system
- Arm to connect between main unit and the coils
- Antenna
- Tough Carry Case 
- TITAN Sensor
- Tablet PC
- Stand for Tablet PC
- Battery and charger
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